Mobility Accessible Bathrooms Toilets


1300ENSUITES can accommodate those with special needs or that need to meet with legislative requirements using Easy Access Disabled Portable Toilets. We also have specifically designed wheel ramps for our Mobile Bathrooms. To ensure ease of use, our Mobility Access Toilets are designed with wide doors and ramps that can take the weight of motorised wheel chairs and even goffers.

Our Disabled Access Portable Toilets are designed to meet and exceed Australian Standards. Designed and fitted with a flat base and minimal step height to allow easy access for wheel chairs and those with vision impairment. The unit also has large internal dimensions and stainless steel hand rails.

Specifically designed wheel ramps allow wheel chairs easy access to the disabled portable toilets. Using the wheel ramps can increase convenience and reduce stress when a large bathroom replacement is required.

As with all of 1300ENSUITES Portable Bathrooms, our disabled access bathrooms are designed to be comfortable and easy to use with stylish and modern designs. In addition to this our bathrooms are routinely cleaned to maintain the highest level of sanitation.

Please ask our 1300ENSUITES suppliers with Disabled Portable Toilets how they can help you.

1300ENSUITES Portable Disabled Toilets are ideal to meet legislative requirements for large events.

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