Portable Flushable Toilets


1300 Ensuite are Australias experts in portaloo hire. Our Flushable Portable Toilets boast a sleek and slender design while also providing a cosy level of comfort when being used.

Both the Portable Chemical Toilet and the Premium Dual Flush Portable Toilets are constructed from durable, double skinned plastic panels. The double skinned design improves thermal insulation. Intelligent design make enough room to sit, stand and move around without becoming entangled in feet or garments. Quality materials and components improve reliability of the unit and experience of clients and patrons.

Both the portable chemical toilet and the premium dual flush portable toilets are mounted on a rigid skid plate for easy unloading and/or positioning with a fork lift. They can also be wheeled into position with a hand cart and laid down when in transit.

Delivered and presented clean and hygienic, they are more than a step above the builder’s toilets normally associated with portable chemical or sewer connect toilets and certainly give a professional presence to your site or client’s renovation.

At 1300 Ensuite we pride ourselves on our excellent service and the easy delivery of sanitary portable toilets. 1300 Ensuites has branches all around Australia, get in touch with the one nearest to you to organise your portaloo hire today.

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