Portable Showers


1300ENSUITES Portable Showers are durable, spacious, easy to clean and convenient.

Inside there is ample elbow room, a place holder for soaps, several hooks for towels and a metal plate mirror.

Outside is made of double skinned plastic panels to improve insulation; being cold in an outside shower may be a thing of the past. A rigid base is mounted on a forklift skid plate means the shower stable and sturdy while in use and also easy to move and position with a fork lift.

Our showers are quickly and easily connected to a standard domestic household garden tap. Grey water runs directly out the bottom or side of the shower and can also be directed into a nearby garden or sewer point.

There are two option for the Portable Showers

  • Supplied with a portable 50 litre electric hot water system
  • Supplied with an Instantaneous Heater and 9kg Swap and Go gas bottle

Either way, a 1300ENSUITES Portable Shower offer flexibility and convenience.

1300 ENSUITES Portable Showers can be up and running within 20- 45 minutes depending on site access, location of water supply (garden tap), domestic power points, sewer outlets or water run off requirements. Portable Showers can be removed, loaded and ready to leave in approximately 20 minutes.

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